The concept of the wey brand will check the relevance of retro style

The concept of the wey brand will check the relevance of retro style


The Futurist sedan informed about the desire of the GWM brands to capitalize on the nostalgia for the design of the 1930-1970s, after which Ora took over the exploitation of the retro style. Now the “coffee” Wey, left without SUVs because of the Tank brand, has joined it. The V72 show car will debut on August 27 and will be on display at the Chengdu Auto Show until September 5. Meanwhile, the V71 code denotes the flagship Wey Mocha crossover.

The prototype, which seems to belong to the SUV segment, resembles the Opel Kadett (1936-1940) and old men like it. The headlights appear to be LED. Side mirrors have probably been replaced by cameras.

Chinese media believe that the V71 (pictured) will share the unit with the V72. We are talking about a 2.0 petrol turbo four, a 48-volt generator, a 9DCT “robot”, output of 215 hp, 388 Nm and acceleration to a hundred in 7.8 seconds.

Wei’s most popular model was the Tank 300: in the first half of the year he found 33,073 buyers, while in total the brand sold 56,057 vehicles. In June, 11,867 units were sold, which means that the sales plan (at least 10,000 per month) is being fulfilled. GWM boss Wei Jianjun is closely following the brand name itself.

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