The Coolest Dune Buggy!

The Coolest Dune Buggy!


I’m in California, the home of the original beach buggy, where I get to try out this new concept beach buggy from Volkswagen – the ID Buggy! Follow me on:Music by:Release — Ason ID

it’s supercar blondie here thanks so much for watching make sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet we are here in California on the beach and I’ve found the most incredible beach buggy take a look at this thing I’m gonna show you around this here I just have to show you it is super super easy all you’ve got here is three little tiny little turning thingy majiggy to go drive there neutral then reverse and in park now the cool thing is take a look at this this is what I noticed straight away look there’s a pause and a play button for the celery tart you’ve got to actually put your foot on the play button which is kind of cool so let me just turn down this music the other cool thing is you take this to the beach right when you get here and you you’ve got the speaker playing as you go go to the beach you just take this Bluetooth speaker out of the buggy itself and take this down onto the beach with you so you grab will you tell us take the Bluetooth speaker down and you can keep the music going all the way down so this is if I can get out elegantly enough this is the ID buggy from VW and it is actually the only one in the world and it’s right here on this channel right now and this is a concept beach buggy which I never really thought you know I didn’t think that they would be concept beach buggies but there you go and there’s a very good reason for that that I’m gonna explain in just a sec because you’re meant to be using this on the beach right everything is really stripped down it’s very simple inside you don’t want too many gadgets and an electronics going on right so literally when you take it off the beach and it’s fully sandy inside you can get a hose and just spray down the entire buggy so this material here is fully waterproof and then you look at all of the rest of this inside it’s just it’s a very simple surface that can be sprayed down really easily get all the sand out and then around here you have this cool little boot so you can store like all of your beach towels and everything else little picnic set whatever you want down at the beach and they don’t have any doors or roof because of course when you’re at the beach you kind of want that beach experience you’re outdoors you want to have the wind in your hair as like right now this buggy is fully electric that’s the future it has one electric motor in the back and it has it generates about 200 horsepower from the batteries so all the batteries lie flat across the floor of the platform and then the electric motor is in the back if you take the base of this car right so the technology what they’re looking to do is actually license that out to a lot of other manufacturers so that the manufacturers who don’t currently have fully electric vehicles and don’t have the time and the money to spend on developing that technology can actually just fly it from VW and then build whatever body around that base that they want to so in future we might be seeing exactly this buggy but in a car form from other manufacturers it’s getting some attention so I’m just gonna go ask these guys what they think of it they’re singing hello good what do you think I like it except it’s electric yes it is that should be a plus that’s the future we’re getting into I’ll leave them look at it for a bit I want to show you this you see this old fogey right what’s interesting is that the beach buggy right the concept of a beach buggy was actually developed here in California in the 60s and it was based off a VW Beetle so this space here is from a beetle and then they’ve just kind of taken the top off and made it into a beach buggy and what they’ve done now is taken the same concept got a base and then built a buggy on top of the base in future that vase could be on road cars just as that base over there is the base of a VW Beetle Road car do you get what I mean let’s take it for a drive this is actually road-legal this buggy so we’re gonna go down here along the coast I may exceed that this is how you put it in Drive it’s literally this little toggle here on the end it’s so simple in here you just push that forward and I’ll go into drive mode and that’s it foot on the play button and off you go shall we take it on the beach yeah why not yeah somebody a comment for you all with your with your petrol engine right yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s so I thought this is but this is fast I mean look at this right it’s not bad you guys so it’s a bit it’s it’s heavy right because batteries weigh a lot and that’s the difficulty with battery-powered cars is the weight right or one of the difficulties so it is a heavy car but actually it feels quite light because of course you get that talk that instant torque from the battery so this is cool I like how there’s no doors or any it’s kind of like being in an old-school Jeep you know like where there were no doors and and no well there was kind of better like more of a frame around the car you don’t have that at all with this one it really feels very beachy yeah I feel really crazy in this is not the top speed is a hundred and sixty kilometers an hour so can go pretty fast and zero to a hundred is just over seven seconds that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed give the video a quick thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet massive thank you to VW for inviting me here to Monterrey and check out their new beach buggy pretty cool didn’t know I’d be doing that this weekend so thank you all you guys think of it let me know in the comments below and we’ll catch you somewhere else in the world with the next I don’t know what it’s gonna be let’s see all right love you guys I’m out

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