“The coronavirus? No, not heard!”: the record from Tesla

“The coronavirus? No, not heard!”: the record from Tesla


American carmaker Tesla has shared information on sales and production of their cars in the first quarter of 2020.

The data was released on Thursday, April 2. In the first three months, Tesla was able to sell around the world 88,4 thousand new cars. This result became the best for the company in its history. It is noteworthy that the great success Tesla has achieved on the background of the epidemic of the coronavirus and reduction of the automotive market in the world.

The vast majority of purchases were in Model 3 and new Model Y. the choice on these cars stopped to 76.2 thousand. The model S and Model X in total has sold 12.2 million copies.


The sales growth was mainly affected by two factors – the market ahead of schedule left the car Model Y, also played a role, the start of production of Tesla cars in China.

Due to the subsidies from the Chinese Government, the cost of Tesla cars in China are slightly lower than in the US. In the first three months off the Assembly line Tesla went 102 672 auto, which is 2% less than in the last quarter of 2019, but by 33% over the first quarter of 2019.

Also suggest you to see a detailed test drive of the Tesla Model 3 from a team InfoCar.ua:

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