The Craziest Car Videos on the Internet!

The Craziest Car Videos on the Internet!


These are the craziest car videos on the internet.Thanks to @sergi.galiano & @domi.sof

what’s up guys i’m sergey i’m dummy and today alex told us to watch some videos so let’s watch some viral videos oh my god there’s no window i think he has the i think he has that he has this guy can’t see anything he’s driving on the highway you can’t see him it’s too sunny outside you never know yeah he’s just blocking it he’s like he’s looking underneath the car this guy’s like literally looking underneath a little space wow has to be the most important trip of his entire life my grandma drives like that come on with the hood up we don’t know you’re good to get her license taken from her like that that’s like oh my god the worst part is that not only is his hood up but he’s then got an extra piece blocking that little crease in which she sees so like he’s got like no visibility this is great content i already know what this is this is two pickup trucks welded together that’s a yeehaw right there nowhere else in the world will you find this the dust both of the sites can go forward or just one side look at the texas says what in the alabama’s going on here what in the alabama is going on here that guy has a hundred percent chance of looking just like you hell yeah brother what is that what is that oh my god he’s just added like a bajillion pence it’s a transformer oh my god look i know some people want to make their cars look cool this looks like a cheese grater oh yeah and he’s doing it look how messy that is a good boy that’s a good paw patrol this guy can arrest me at any time he’s like a mall cop little molecule i like how dogs whenever they do something they look like they have no idea what’s going on he’s just driving around like is this what you want from me that’s pretty sick i like this and why not look at this he’s got an extra couple wheels for no reason yeah so why would you have them for no reason because this is great content it’s great content look it is he got us to watch it okay would you put it on your car no can we put in on his car no who’s up for it i support i support the content oh there’s a guy oh man it worked i mean it’s like he’s still spraying inside the car even though enemies have clearly retreated he’s still spraying yeah just in case you’re gonna do this once in your lifetime you don’t have to go full exactly like mosquitoes you’re just meant to like like but you’re like oh my god what is that fat 500 it’s like kids bicycle when you give your kids spare wheels training wheels training except that these ones like they’re actually the opposite training wheels give you stability this one takes away this ability you never know maybe there’s two in the front no this guy does a sharp turn and he is flipped upside down like oh i wonder how this happened all right here we go oh cutie pie that that is me on my way to work that’s my uber driver can i order this that’s my opinion yeah i think he’s like he’s like popping his head you know he’s got some cute there you why do they bob their heads like that because there’s some cracking music on him oh why do you keep rolling i’m going to call him you have a thing hanging out of your car what are you talking about there’s a literally a gas pose hanging out your car no one’s being creeped oh no thank you oh my god come on come on she’s still she’s too she she’s still got it she’s still gone oh my god how do you leave a gas station without feeling like that something’s pulling you behind you just rip out the entire hotel she got so embarrassed she was like roadway oh oh my god that’s horrible imagine oh my the car’s so tiny she’s got her window down you can already see greta thunderbird’s face from a mile away just looking how dare you oh true you think that’s going to be some civil classical that was pretty predictable i don’t know what kind of shot he was trying to go for but uh yeah oh my god in slovakia is the dog thinks he’s helping you’re not helping man all right oh oh my god what’s that i gotta stop this i can completely relate to this my first car had this little rattle the shake you would drive and whenever i’d have like a passenger and they’d see the thing rattle they’re like now is it hot okay i’m like dude relax it’s just once you go over 120 it starts doing a little shake i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry listen ryan you don’t want to wake up to school yeah hey jack can you just start your cupboard especially like americans because americans tend to wake up at like 5 a.m imagine having this guy as a neighbor you know i like to sleep in i hear this guy at 5 a.m i am moving out the value of the properties in that neighborhood plummeted after this guy moved in plummeted because no one can sleep past 5 a.m oh this is a pimped out silver bullet oh my god it says range rover look at that they’re just chilling like riding and they’re like yeah i got a pretty badass car but um oh my that’s a trash bin that is a trash bin so you see the car rattling like that and your first question is why is there smoke coming out of the front can you look at the way that this thing rattles that’s not the smoke is not the problem the smoke is not the issue look at the let me know what you guys think which clip was your favorite make sure that you guys send us some clips as well to react to we’ll send them out to alex as well to see what she thinks once again i’m sergey she’s new she’s damie so you know give her some nice comments make sure you subscribe to the channel and we’ll see you guys next time see you next time

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