The creator of Mivina presented inexpensive electric cars for every taste (video)

The creator of Mivina presented inexpensive electric cars for every taste (video)


The VinFast electrical line already has five models. The owner of the company is a Vietnamese businessman who opened the Minivna enterprise in Kharkov.

In Las Vegas, at the CES 2022 show, new VinFast electric vehicles were presented. Three models will hit the market at once in 2023. The Carscoops website reports.

In particular, the exhibition presented a compact urban hatchback VinFast VF5 with a length of about 3.6 m, as well as small electric crossovers VF6 (4.2 m) and VF7 (4.4 m). The characteristics and details of electric cars have not yet been disclosed, it is only known that they will receive an autopilot as an option.

Earlier VinFast presented two more electric crossovers. They are somewhat larger and will go on sale this year at a price of 40-60 thousand dollars. It is known that VinFast VF4, VF6 and VF7 will be significantly cheaper – about 20-30 thousand dollars. In addition, Vietnamese electric vehicles will be offered for leasing by online subscription.

By the way, by the end of 2022, the company will completely abandon the production of gasoline models. VinFast also plans to build an assembly plant in the USA.

Recall that VinFast is the brainchild of the Vietnamese billionaire Pham Nyat Vyong. He started his way in business in Ukraine – he opened a Kharkiv plant for the production of instant noodles “Mivina”. With the money from the sale of this enterprise, Pham Nyat Vyong created an entire business empire in his homeland. In Ukraine, he was awarded the Order of Merit, III degree.

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