The Creator of the McLaren F1 came up with a single drone

The Creator of the McLaren F1 came up with a single drone


The author of the legendary McLaren F1, Gordon Murray and his company Gordon Murray Design (GMD), together with consortium partners, has developed a single drone Motiv. The aim of the project is to create a platform that allows to greatly reduce costs, and provide operators with “mobility as a service” (MaaS) product, ready for adaptation to any system of Autonomous control.

Single quadricycle Motiv – the result of cooperation GMD, Delta Motorsport and itMoves. The project is funded through the state program IDP14 in which is developing an inexpensive and lightweight electric platform. It must meet safety requirements for passenger cars M1 (no more than eight seats in addition to driver’s license), be flexible and adapt to different tasks. At the core of drone technology lies in the patented iStream Superlight: a frame structure made from extruded aluminium sections, external composite panels, aluminum suspension components and a minimum of connections.

Length Motiv is only two and a half meters, and then a mini-space Shuttle has all the chances to reduce congestion in cities. The power plant consists of 20-kilowatt electric motor and traction batteries of 17.3 kWh, which will provide a power reserve of approximately 100 kilometers. With to hundred the Shuttle accelerates in 7.5 seconds and can move at a speed not exceeding 65 kilometres per hour. The filling of the battery from 20 to 80 percent takes 40 minutes.


Features of the drone – doors “gull wings” with contactless opening system, built-in climate control and interior architecture that allows comfort to stay inside the car with a laptop.

The Shuttle is oriented to MaaS providers (MaaS concept provides a transition from private cars to personalized means of transport based on individual needs) and can be converted from passenger to cargo or adapted for use with a wheelchair. The maximum volume of the Luggage compartment easily increases to 1100 litres.

In mass production this car GMD is ready to launch within two to five years. However, you must first complete tests of unmanned systems and to wait for the withdrawal of legislative restrictions on the use of Autonomous shuttles in the city.

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