The crisis does not concern Lamborghini

The crisis does not concern Lamborghini


While many car brands are forced to cut production due to a global shortage of microcircuits, Lamborghini is not only keeping pace with its usual pace of work, but also breaking sales records.

On the eve of the Italian automaker reported that in the period from January to September of this year, delivered to buyers 6,902 cars. This result is 23% more than a year ago. Even when compared with the same period before coronavirus 2019, the increase was almost 6%.

At the same time, it is noted that sales increased in all three key markets for Lamborghini. Thus, deliveries of cars from America increased by 25% (up to 2,407 cars), in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) – by 17% (up to 2,622 vehicles), in the Asia-Pacific region – by 28% (up to 1 873 auto).

The most popular Lamborghini model is predictably the Urus crossover, which in 9 months of this year has sold 4,085 units (+ 25%). Sales of supercars of the Huracan family grew by 28% to 2,136 units. Lamborghini also sold 681 Aventador supercar.

It should be noted that, compared to 2020, customer preferences in percentage terms have not changed much, and very soon the Urus crossover will become the most massive Lamborghini model in the entire history of sales.

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