The Crystal Gear Stick! | BMW M850i

The Crystal Gear Stick! | BMW M850i


This is the new BMW M850i which I think has the fanciest crystal gear stick in the world! It’s like a diamond ring in the centre console. The 8-Series was last produced 20 years ago! I’m checking out the car with my friend Hadi @mg_offiicial.Thanks to @BMWMiddleEastFollow me on:Music by:One Time – G.NoPieces – Christian David

check out this gear lever guys isn’t that just the prettiest gear leaver you’ve ever seen super careful under here thank you very much for watching I am in the new BMW 8 Series it’s back after 20 years so there’s been a lot of hype around this car a lot of BMW massive fans wanting to see it what the all-new 8 Series is about now this one is the m8 50 it’s got the M Performance Package but it’s not the M power BMW it sounds incredible way better than I would have expected so just head around the back and take a listen to this doesn’t that sound awesome what we’re looking at is a twin-turbo v8 and it has 523 horsepower there are a few things I really appreciate about this car but it’s not one of those cards where if I saw at class I go oh my god looks amazing but that’s just my personal opinion I’m sure a lot of you look at this car and go oh my god it looks amazing let me know what you think in the comments below let’s have a discussion seatbelts on always let’s go want to floor it are you ready ready for are you ready I am good like are you really ready I am are you ready for the new eighth series BMW really really ready before I go pick up my friend I want to take this car into the garage because there’s another really cool feature that I want to show you but it has to be in low-lives check this out when the car is running and you open the door these lights flash red and that’s to warn anyone coming down the road next to you that a door is actually open if I close it again it goes back to blue so I’ll just show you from my view what happens when you open this door when the engines running check that out it starts to flash red all right today I am gonna go and pick up someone I follow on Instagram his name is Hadi Wow and the reason I follow him is because he is hilarious he lives here in Dubai as well and yeah see what he thinks of the new 8 Series that I’ve got he’s actually a BMW fan I think this is howdy everyone um sorry can I look at the stream ok just whatever I can you wants to look into the camera are we allowing yeah I think we all allow it we can look into the cam you’re an owner BMW right yes I have a 30 1987 I have two of them one is being built as a drift project yeah and the other one is a classic all right so what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna challenge you right your car not I know you do your own weight Oh actually that kind of challenge wait I’m not ready but I want you to give your version of a car review on the new 8 Series I’m gonna give you 30 seconds to do this where do you want to start because you gotta like you got your shoes on oh yeah yeah it’s my boxing shoes ok ready go so a car from outside is an 8 out of 10 it’s beautiful exhausts okay Jules so four quads my two sleek futuristic some aerodynamics okay as a car person I look at performance it’s a performance car have some performance you have shifter is important the seating position is nice windows closed the car is it’s beautiful on the inside nice leather a nice touch is very BMW wish a bit more upgraded I like the gloss finish racing seats they group you they hug you well as those are people single people you feel in a relationship in the car you start the car from here it looks like a diamond thing I like it you’re not looks like a diamond wow it sounds like a BM bro yeah I love the crack Hillary if you ever imagine big popcorns this how it should sound like your turn my turn she’s what am I gonna say about it now I think he’s covered everything that’s it right I think we’re done like and subscribe food more out no all right let’s go you know what they describe this car as a gentleman’s race on a gentle threesome gentlemen I’m sure issues with this right I can’t I don’t get all precious about the fact that I’m a female driver like I just don’t I know that the market is skewed to men and that’s mine again cause and not as many women love Costas but my : cause specifically a gentleman’s recently literally just ignoring all right I think more I travel around the world of the shadows are on our freight anymore to say that I love covers how kind and so our company is because the above you should really be recognizing our thoughts and not my bad I could show you everything you want a BMW how can I get the popcorn how do I get the popcorn next thing you know I say help help cancel cancel police is coming Ella copters it’s just this is so much technology I just um please speak not I don’t want to speak I’m gonna cancel you that’s it for this that’s it we’re givin up on the pub so we’re going to go to one of my favorite places to eat it’s very unassuming and tear kind of like in a warehouse area here in Dubai this is one of the cups that I’m going to be launching really really soon super excited to show you guys the whole range I’ve been working on this for about nine months nine months to create do you think wow do you know what that is that is you thank God so this is my logo but it’s in Lucy colors you know it matches my Lamborghini I like I like it simple okay is it a joke commence carport yeah it’s aimed at the gentleman racer do I look like an Aussie now distracts from the red beard you know so give us a bit of different contrast yeah this is my FB label supercar blondie and I like this one because it just goes with everything all the time what do you think about yeah because it’s like a black neutral colors it’s surprising how long it takes you to work on a great cat like you’ve got to get the material right you’ve got to get the shape right you got to like get all of this embroidery just perfect because you don’t want it to look you can select your title it’d just be like really high quality so that’s what I was aiming for and I’m really pleased actually with them I love them wear them every day so I’m gonna let you guys know when they’re launching and we’re gonna start shipping them out really really soon do all of them have this yeah beautiful you guys are about to hear mg on track oh yeah time for some cars sound effects okay are you ready let’s go as a big turbo yeah I returned no that no no you only get that on your credit cards don’t get none in these condoms oh my god ah women anything now you know yeah it’s been a great day thank you guys nice experience I love it wait what is your thing mg underscore Antrim first of all you have to have a sunroof what’s a car doesn’t have a sunroof when you can tear and you don’t buy it okay you have to make noise you know hey y’all my voice today you know let me throw off the gang signs like this yeah yeah what’s your gang sign my gang sign all of them oh yeah Arnold any fun you’re getting at it’s for me Nick I guess it’s your girl to the a no wait let me try and do your entry I don’t mention girl hey yo if you go G to the a yes I like that absolutely yo what’s up guys is Esther to be whoa super car bounding let’s see guys hope you enjoyed new 8 Series BMW give us a quick like thumbs up on this video make sure to share it with your friends if you found it interesting and we’ll see you on the next video

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