The current generation Volkswagen Passat will be the last in the US market

The current generation Volkswagen Passat will be the last in the US market


The head of Volkswagen of America, Johan de Nissen said that the company will refuse Passat models, and a few years replace it with an electric sedan. It still is only about cars for the United States and Canada. The successor of the model may be marketable version of the concept ID. Vizzion.

American Volkswagen Passat entered the market in 2011, and from European it differed by size and more simple technical stuffing. Later the same car was started to sell in China, where in 2018, it changed a generation and is now based on the MQB architecture. In the United States, meanwhile, has decided to limit only a deep modernization – partly due to the fact that sales failed to meet expectations and release a truly new model would be economically impractical.


In an interview with Roadshow Johan de Nyssen said the Passat “limited lifespan”, and after that the model is unlikely to be continued. Most likely, it will be replaced by electric sedan built on the basis of the concept ID. Vizzion shown in 2018. It will be bigger and more powerful than the current car, which is only available with “turboservice” 2.0 TSI with an output of 176 horsepower, coupled with a six-speed automatic.

In Europe still fear for the fate of the Passat should not be, although the decline in sales of the model is felt here. However, the new Passat in the European market will be required.

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