The Customised Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Mercedes Walkaround: Series 26

The Customised Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Mercedes Walkaround: Series 26


Chris Harris and Jack Rix look at some of the customised luxury limousines from Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Mercedes, as featured in the latest episode of . Find out where to watch the series where you are: Chris Harris Drives: Car Walkarounds: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

Chris this looks like a lot of fun yeah tell us the premise behind this whole idea we were given the choice of some kind of prestige vehicle it was a price rough adjacent to a Dutch asunder that’s what’s English granik’s is crap it’s not law money we had to prove that our cars demonstrated the kind of deportment and luxury that you would expect from a car of this type they chose British got a chose German car because ultimately the s-class for me it’s the ultimate luxury fair enough I’ll go with that they invented the space they’ve demonstrated they can do better than anywhere else Karl Benz invented the first motor problem so when we talk about problems and heritage there is no more than Mercedes Benz yeah why is my car like this well halfway through the film we are told by the producers we have to go into a remote area this is something of a shock when you yes and they’re not the best basis for the racing cars okay but I’m a little bit obsessed by Mercedes history and AMG history and they add a V with which in the 60s was a 300 SEL 6.3 they converted to go racing which was but with the first qtr racer is it first and it was the first mg racing car it’s unlikely racing car everyone handles much cubic yes the decals like they’re quite good on that’s not bad I can tell I think it looks great and on the track was a honey v12 just say yeah because what people forget is the basis of this car is that 6-litre v12 yeah and this engine was used as the basis for which super codes on exactly that is a bat sub base zonder engine in mhm so by the time we’ve taken some exhaust halogen upper and you lock it in second and third gear it sounds amazing how much power it had when it left lanes 400 111 factory here now 306 job when we Dino their proper car so cool on that note let’s move to an unprofitable I hear this is quite quick actually this one quite quick but very unreliable very under this map new block new crank new pistons new con rods new valves new cams new water pump new oil pump or basically new everything new engine yeah yeah but she’s running good as new people is not on its original engine the trade would refer to this as non matching numbers okay I’m some–some arrow we should talk about has got some arrow I mean I don’t quite know what the arrows doing he’s got a splitter that’s counted up into the air so we positive of anything it’s just giving lift it’s giving a bit more lift there’s a quite a questionable diffuser at the back NR it and it’s been attacked by a shark over there that was probably a curbstone or a TVR and it sounded great yeah so the comet I think I’ll give you the best of me buffering and it’s a great looking car yeah quite an unlikely racing car she did suffer a few spills along the way well it’s a proper English car I’m proud of him moving on to well I don’t really know what this is always come I would have admit that when I first saw it I couldn’t believe the way he designated those royce time to gentrify the hell i’ll Silverstone oh yes oh no but actually kind of learning when you take the front bumper off yeah there’s just something a bit rat Lodi and cool man don’t tell him but I think it looks quite good and the one mistake we all made that was the same as day we all made different mistakes but one mistake across all three cars we fit spaces to the wheel yeah and they all cause problems do these bases on the front of these yeah seized up and caused the hub’s to get too hot and that and that caused the brake fluid to cook we could have a bad vibration right-handers my wheel just fell off give this place to fail I’ve just had a minor technical difficulty and and he’s failed because they just looked terrible real wheels running positive toe as well which meant actually how he drove it like that I don’t know so you basically went for stance over a liability we did but the really great thing about the challenge was that normally you expect to compete against each other yeah but they put us in this great race called the Berkut six hours which is a kind of end of year celebration at Silverstone for 70 Motor Club and it’s a great race and you’re a team so you have to cooperate they fear their wanting glory to do well which doesn’t reach strange emotion it doesn’t come naturally does it and just one quick mention for the badge there how jealous normally I’d on my home and I’ve given great but it’s so cool better cycle the are are there all we read it’s very it’s got one of those in this bedroom door I don’t know about what though okay good so here’s the question yeah now that you’ve lived with the true ownership with a six grand luxury limo would you have that or brand-new data unless you’ve got the resources to keep it on the road because they’re expensive one thing I know when things go wrong I can’t be telling people to do it although only one person here has made a buying decision based on these three cars and experience that’s my American boy who went straight out and bought a w1 4600 SEL and had one in his go not that I told you and it’s gorgeous lo Molly really you are beautiful combat along spring up a notch in my book well there you go

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