The Czechs built elektriese Ferrari?

The Czechs built elektriese Ferrari?


Czech company MW Motors introduced electric sports car EV Luka. Compact coupe made in the spirit of 50 years and looks very original, Carbuzz reports.

With mind electric sports car like the famous Ferrari 250 TdF 1956. He elegant design and pronounced rear Keeley in the American style.

On the front axle Luka EV installed 74-horsepower electric motor, which allows to accelerate to 140 km/h and accelerate to hundreds for 9.8 s. the battery is small (26 kW?h), but a light car weighing just 885 kg has a good stock speed of 305 km.


Of course, the characteristics of Luka EV is not that straight is impressive, but the coupe is relatively inexpensive. Buy an electric car in 30 thousand euros, but later there will be a more powerful version of over 40 thousand euros with two motors and all-wheel drive.

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