The Czechs produced gas Skoda Octavia

The Czechs produced gas Skoda Octavia


New Skoda Octavia G-TEC is equipped with a 1.5 TSI engine with output of 130 HP CO2 Emissions in the operation in Gaza is about 25% lower than when operating on gasoline.

New Skoda Octavia G-TEC is able to run on environmentally friendly compressed natural gas. In motion new motor is a 1.5 TSI, the output of which is 130 HP and has a power reserve of natural gas is 500 km, Three tanks are mounted in the lower part of the machine and can accommodate in total of 17.33 kg of liquefied gas. 9-liter tank provides mobility in regions without adequate infrastructure.

As noted by the representatives of the brand, this type of fuel burns more cleanly, which leads to a reduction of harmful emissions by about 25% than gasoline; in addition, there is a considerably less nitrogen oxide and soot particles are not formed. The engine is very effective due to, among other things, control the intake valves.


When using gasoline, the stock of which is only 9 litres, the Octavia G-TEC can drive up to 190 km, thus the total power reserve is 700 km. Switching between gas and petrol mode automatically without driver intervention.

The car starts to use a hydrocarbon fuel only in certain situations, for example, when the outdoor temperature is below -10 degrees Celsius or when gas cylinders are empty so that the pressure falls below 11 bar.

New Skoda Octavia G-TEC is equipped with a special mode of operation of the virtual instrument panel and can be easily identified by the icon back. The cost of new items not yet known.

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