The Dark Side of the Prius: the most popular hybrid in the Nightshade version

The Dark Side of the Prius: the most popular hybrid in the Nightshade version


Toyota Motor North America has unveiled the 2022 Prius in a new special edition Nightshade. It stands out for the fact that the maximum number of decorative elements is painted black.

Initially, many media outlets, including Drome, took the information about the upcoming presentation of the 2022 Prius model year as preparation for showing a completely new generation. The Prius XW50 has been in production since 2015, so it’s time to make way for its successor. So far, however, the Japanese company has decided to increase interest in the previous model.

Dark accents have been applied to the headlights, side mirror housings, door handles, spoiler and shark fin antenna. The alloy wheels (17-inch in the base and 15-inch in the AWD-e model) with nuts turned out to be black.

AWD-e is an electric all-wheel drive available for the Prius. It is implemented using an additional electric motor with a return of 7 hp. and 56 Nm turning the rear wheels.

The seats are upholstered in SofTex artificial leather. Installed media system with a seven-inch touch screen and support for Apple CarPlay / Android Auto. The hybrid is equipped with a wireless smartphone charger and an engine start button.

Recall that the fourth generation Toyota Prius (XW50) has been produced since 2015. It uses a 1.8-liter inline-four 2ZR-FXE (98 hp), aided by a 72-horsepower electric motor powered by a battery pack under the rear seats. The standard configuration is front-wheel drive, but there is also an all-wheel drive version of the Prius E-Four with a separate electric motor for the rear axle.

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