The debut of the Toyota Yaris GR-4 was postponed due to the fires in Australia

The debut of the Toyota Yaris GR-4 was postponed due to the fires in Australia


Blazing New South Wales was unable to take the final stage of the world rally championship.

About a month ago, Toyota said it is considering the possibility of issuing multiple variants of “hot” hatchback Yaris, including even some “homologirana” modification explanation “combat” Yaris WRC (rumored to be even all-wheel drive). The first swallow named Yaris GR-4 firm promised to submit just in time for rally Australia, is scheduled for the nearest weekend.

However, with the fires of competition have been canceled despite all the efforts of the organizers (the organizing Committee tried, for example, to re-shift the route of the race, significantly reducing it). Accordingly, Toyota plans to showcase new items, too, were violated. Now in the company’s management hastily considering alternative options, but yet nothing concrete is not reported.


Another unpleasant for the company the result of the abolition of the competition – is the deprivation of opportunities to try the title of champion in the team competition. The results of the previous race, first place in the manufacturers standings went to the team of Hyundai and Toyota is forced to settle for second position.

Raging Australian wildfires have already destroyed, according to some estimates, over a million hectares of forest and farmland. The local unit of Toyota, incidentally, has already transferred to the Fund the salvation Army of 250 thousand dollars.

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