The defect affected about 680 thousand Volkswagens in America

The defect affected about 680 thousand Volkswagens in America


The largest number of revoked vehicles (541 376) is sedan Volkswagen Jetta model years 2011-2018. Followed by the Golf in different versions, including a GTI and SportWagen wagon (2015-2019). Completing the list of the hatchback and the convertible Beetle (2012-2019).

This offer does not apply to, since it starts only in the US and Canada on October 11. However, even over the ocean every day withdraw 679 027 cars, besides it is noteworthy that the cause of the revocation. A silicate may accumulate on the contacts inside the selector “machine”. Consequently, it becomes possible to extract the ignition key when the gear lever “is in a position other than a Parking lot”. That is, the owner with the key in his pocket goes off, forgetting about the handbrake, and the car can roll on all four sides. In the States is called the rollaway is a very dangerous thing.

The recall applies only to vehicles equipped with automatic gearbox from ZF, manual Parking brake and Keyless entry system.


Volkswagen explains: silicate, similar to the insulation layer, is formed on the contacts of the microswitch. Open contacts usually indicate the system that the lever “machine” is in position “P”. Extraneous component introduces the electronic brain is fooled, but not always. Some of the affected models will be notified of the error, indicator lights, audible warning sound. Repairers install additional switch will change the cost.

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