The demand grows – the price falls! DT in the opt fell

The demand grows – the price falls! DT in the opt fell


Supply exceeds demand. The decrease in demand for DT because of the quarantine was lower than expected, which is associated with the active phase of the field work

15 APR diesel fuel in small protected areas fell to 14.00 UAH per liter, which is the lowest level since April of 2016 In the wholesale segment, the price fell below the 17 000 UAH/t. this writes Enkorr with reference to the Consulting group A-95.


According to the daily monitoring, the cost of the Belarusian fuel shipments from oil depots in Korosten have been voiced by the traders (of Ukcanadian Factor) at the level of 14.05-14.10 UAH/l. of Railway DT rules from Mozyr at the station Korosten company OKKO sold for 17 000 UAH/t.

diesel from the tanks of the terminal in Novograd-Volynski company Inviteid (Wexler Group) sold at 14.35 UAH/L. In the companies-buyers of utverzhdat that formula contract prices, depending on volume, amount of 13.50-13,60 UAH/l. While sales of fuel in the rail tank cars from this station in the last few weeks have not been made.

Kremenchug refinery reduced the cost of avtoparty DT to 14.10 UAH/liter, the prices of actual transactions volume fell to 14.00 to 14.05 UAH/liter. W/d rules were released on 16 700-16 900 UAH/t.

The price of diesel fuel shipped from oil depots in Kyiv and region is 14,20-14,40 UAH/L. Railway-rules on the station Brovary and Fastiv were offered for 16 900-16 950 UAH/t.

In the Eastern part of Ukrainen diesel fuel was trading in the range of 14.30-14,50 UAH/liter. According to traders, prices under long-term contracts of diesel fuel from LUKOIL fell to 13.70-13,80 UAH/liter.

In a portrait of Nikolaev Turkish resource was shipped on of 13.70 UAH/l, in Odessa and South in the area of 14.00 UAH/liter.

Market participants note increased volume of supply of diesel fuel in April. At this point, that the decline in demand because of the quarantine was less than expected. Attribute this, as with the active phase of spring field work, and high fuel procurement in the period of low prices from some traders and large consumers.


In particular, railway supply of diesel fuel in Ukraine in the first decade has increased by 16%, with increased shipments from Belarus and. According to reports, in April, the Belarusian oil company for the first time this year will unload the entire monthly volume of petroleum products contracted by Ukrainian counterparties. Diesel fuel is about 180 000 tonnes in the first quarter of the monthly supply does not exceed 90 000 t.

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