The designer for adults: Ducati Panigale R V4 from LEGO (video)

The designer for adults: Ducati Panigale R V4 from LEGO (video)


LEGO continues to delight grown-up children with new models. For motorists, has released the Fiat 500, and for motorcyclists – V4 Ducati Panigale R. the Set became part of the Technic line, which focuses more on technical equipment and not visual similarity, as it was with H-D Fatboy. The main difference from previous LEGO motorcycles in Panigale have a working transmission!

LEGO Technic designers have tried to move from the real motorcycle bundle as many components. The model is a V4 engine, working suspension (shifter, front and monoshock rear), two-speed gearbox, and the outer panels are provided with decals to give a more authentic look. Unfortunately, in such a small scale, some design elements were not transferred to the model (for example “wings” on the nose or brake calipers), but for example the brake fluid reservoir in the front to make it happened.


For implementation of transmission were used components from large cars like the Bugatti Chiron and the Porsche 911. She needs to switch on a familiar pattern – the first down and second up. So as to lubricate parts of the toy makes no sense, buyers will appreciate the authentic sound of clanking dry clutch Ducati (/sarcasm).

The set will be 646 items, the length of the assembled motorcycle – 32 see Appear in the sale of Ducati to June at a price of$60. Room set – 42107.

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