The designer of the original Lamborghini Countach “did not approve” the revived model

The designer of the original Lamborghini Countach “did not approve” the revived model


Marcello Gandini, the author of the 1971 Lamborghini Countach, commented for the first time on the revived model. The designer’s statement about the “so-called new Countach”, as Gandini himself put it, is quoted by Autoweek: he stated that he did not participate in the project and did not approve of it. According to the original creator, the revived supercar does not reflect his vision of the Countach and does not correspond to the spirit of the model.

The Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 debuted this summer. The model is positioned as the reincarnation of the legendary coupe, but on a modern platform from Sian and with a hybrid setup based on an atmospheric V12 6.5. It was emphasized that the brand’s stylists tried to make the carbon fiber body of the hypercar similar to the original LP 400 S prototype, and to the serial LP 500 two-doors. According to Gandini, designer of the original Countach, they failed to convey the spirit of the classic model.

The designer of the original distanced himself from the project of the revived Countach. He released an official statement in which he said that in the spring of last year he had a conversation with the head of the design department of Lamborghini Mitya Borkert, in which it was a question of a hypothetical model, described as “a tribute to Maestro Gandini.” At the same time, the prospects for mass production of such a car were not discussed with Gandini, so he does not believe that he took part in the revival of the Countach.

“The design of the so-called reborn Countach is completely devoid of the spirit of innovation,” Gandini said in a statement. “Of course, the car market has changed a lot since then, but in my opinion, the revival of the model of the past denies the fundamental principles I have inherent in the DNA of Lamborghini.”

However, fans of the brand did not share Gandini’s skepticism regarding the release of the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4. This is confirmed by the fact that the entire circulation of the model, which will be 112 copies, was sold out in three days. The novelty is six times more expensive than the Aventador S and costs two million euros excluding taxes.

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