The diesels proved to be more harmful than the petrol engines

The diesels proved to be more harmful than the petrol engines


A new study has confirmed that the engines on diesel still do more damage to the environment and, consequently, human health.

If you drive a car with a diesel engine, even meet the latest environmental standard Euro 6, you are releasing into the atmosphere five times more nitrogen oxides than the petrol car. Another independent study confirmed this fact.


The study was conducted by a non-governmental organisation International Council on clean transportation commissioned by the mayor of Paris. With the help of laser technology was measured emissions from 180 thousand cars. Also recorded the age and type of the motor, to determine how different machines affect the pollution of the atmosphere of the French capital.

The result is clear: diesel engines have a more negative impact on the environment. Thus, in comparison with gasoline engines of the standard Euro 6 emissions from diesel engines 4.8 times more. And the newest machine on heavy fuel for just 18% cleaner than the older diesel. They account for 63% of the total pollution.

It seems the diesel engines have less living space, no matter what the latest technology was employed by the carmakers.


Moreover, measurements of emissions in laboratories differ considerably from the indicators in the real operation of the vehicle at least six times.

The researchers note that internal combustion engines generate a vicious circle: harmful emissions from vehicles increase during hot weather (above 30 degrees) and are the cause of greenhouse gases, which in turn lead to further rising temperatures.

How to think, how to live an internal combustion engines?

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