The driver scored the salon toyota beer cans and received a fine

The driver scored the salon toyota beer cans and received a fine


In Canada, police stopped a Toyota Corolla, the interior of which was completely packed with empty beer cans. At the same time, the carrier did not even bother to pack them in packages. As reported by Autoevolution, as a result, the driver of the Japanese car received two fines at once.

As the police said, the car was detained during a raid aimed at finding drunk drivers. These events are regularly held by local road police in Canada. Not surprisingly, a car full of beer cans that weren’t even flattened aroused their suspicions. However, the Toyota Corolla driver himself turned out to be completely sober.

However, this did not prevent the police from issuing a fine of 130 Canadian dollars to the motorist for unsafe transportation of goods. It is clarified that after that the offender was able to secure the unusual baggage. How he did this is not specified.

Moreover, it turned out that the Canadian had an expired driver’s license. For this he received another fine of 1,000 local dollars. As a result, he could not continue his further journey by car, and his friend got behind the wheel of the Toyota Corolla.

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