The driver trusted the navigator and was stuck in the snow for a day

The driver trusted the navigator and was stuck in the snow for a day


This isn’t the first time Google Maps has taken motorists onto a dangerous road in Utah.

In Utah, a married couple was trapped in snow for a day. The driver trusted the Google Maps prompts and drove into a dangerous area with deep snow, where the car skidded and got stuck. A detachment of rescuers was sent to help them, but they were not able to get to the right place the first time. As a result, the rescue operation involved two snowmobiles and a tracked Polaris Ranger.

The incident occurred at an altitude of 2.5 thousand meters on Castleton Gateway Road in Grand County, Utah. Following the directions from Google Maps, the driver entered an uncleared road. Realizing that the snow is too deep, he tried to turn around, and at that moment the car was stuck tightly. The couple had to wait almost a day for help: local rangers sent a tow truck for them, but it got stuck, not reaching the place. Then a pair of snowmobiles and a tracked Polaris Ranger were sent in search.

A month before the incident, another group of tourists got stuck on the same road – they were accidentally spotted from a helicopter flying by.

Over the past few years, local rescuers have been complaining about Google Maps. Following the prompts of the navigator, tourists try to leave the area of ​​the Unawip Canyon, but find themselves on an abandoned road along which not every car will pass – the rangers had to rescue even prepared four-wheel drive SUVs from the snowdrifts. Drivers are advised to stock up on food and water, have a shovel and snow chains on hand, and not rely on a navigator.

In 2019, the authorities of the Baunei commune in Sardinia began to install road signs and signs prohibiting passage and passage, which read “do not follow the directions of Google Maps.” As in the situation with the American Grand District, the navigator led tourists into an impenetrable jungle, both pedestrians and motorists.

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