The easiest Porsche 911, was the most “leaky”

The easiest Porsche 911, was the most “leaky”


The owner of the showroom, the German sport cars Richard king decided to make your Porsche 911 1968 the lightest in the history of the model. As a result of numerous modifications sports car looked like Swiss cheese.

His unusual tuning project Richard called “the Lightest 911 Ever”. In the process, the engineer has altered almost the entire interior of the car, replacing most of the original parts. Throughout the dashboard, the dashboard, the steering and the gearbox and the inside of the door trim were carefully drilled holes of different diameters. Pictures of his unusual project, the author publishes on instagram.

In addition, carefully perforated wiper, pedals, suspension and even the engine. As a result of such modification sports car now resembles or Swiss cheese, or crocheted lace. Ultimately, the engineer plans to reduce the weight of his Porsche 911 to 595 kilograms, the standard weight model 1020 pounds.


At the time when the addition of holes was not possible, king used lightweight components. The car body is made of fiberglass and Porsche were installed lighter suspension components and aluminum mount for the engine. And the standard seats are the owner replaced in an ultralight weight of 4.5 kilograms each.

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