The EAV company has developed an electric truck with velupillai

The EAV company has developed an electric truck with velupillai


Clean autonomica ideal for operation in urban environments. It will be used in the services for the delivery of food or companies that serve a variety of infrastructural facilities.

Company Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited (EAV) has introduced its new commercial vehicle. The model is called EAV 2Cubed eCargo turned out an ultralight, but one of its main features steel Bicycle pedal.

Environmental transport receives a stationary box with adaptable shelving system. The basis of the electric truck popular today, modular system, positively affect the versatility of the car. In front of us with cabin chassis and body, which can be set conforming to a specific purpose.


Weighs new electric truck, whose length is only 2 740 mm, 90 kg without and with 125 van van. For the performance car meet the motor and pedals. The motor will help to disperse of mini-truck up to 6 km/h and then engage the pedal.

With their help, the speed will be able to increase to 25 km/h. Declared cruising range without recharging – 25-96 km.

Maximum payload 2Cubed – 150 kg plus driver, full weight – 380 kg. These figures are not final: in the company want to raise those settings. The news release was organized by the British plant of EAV in upper Heyford.

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