The electronics in the Tesla for 6 years ahead of the development of large corporations

The electronics in the Tesla for 6 years ahead of the development of large corporations


Publisher Nikkei Business Publications dismantled the Tesla Model 3 and stated that the electronics installed in electricidade, six years ahead of the development of big automakers like Volkswagen and Toyota. Feature of “Tesla”, can make a revolution in the industry, consider computing platform Full Self Driving (FSD) responsible for processing data coming from sensors of the Autopilot system.

Computer FSD presented last spring, consists of two boards: one with two AI-chips, is responsible for the advanced cruise control, the other controls the infotainment system. Between them installed liquid cooler. Each AI chip includes six billion transistors, double-flow accelerator neural network, graphics chip performance of 600 gigaflops and 12-core processor ARM Cortex-A72 (2.2 GHz).

At the end of 2019, the independent German Institute Center of Automotive Management (CAM) ranked the innovativeness of the manufacturers. The first place it was awarded to the Volkswagen group, the latest Chinese BAIC. The American won the fourth place.

To create a new chip the “Tesla” helped the developer of microprocessor architectures Jim Keller, who in 2016, has held the position of Vice President for the autopilot. Prior to that, Keller worked at AMD and participated in the development of high-performance processors Ryzen. In 2018, he left Tesla and switched to Intel.


Insiders interviewed by Nikkei BP, believe that such technology will appear at the earliest in 2025 and, therefore, Tesla is ahead of the industry somewhere for six years. In addition, the development of such FSD destroying the traditional supply chain components, as cars no longer need dozens of separate electronic control units (ECU). The publisher even quotes the words of an engineer from a major Japanese car companies, which saw chip and he said that his company is “not able to do.”

However, Tesla has a serious competitor in the face of NVIDIA. Its AI platform Drive AGX Pegasus with Xavier two processors and two graphics cards with tensor kernels can make 320 trillion operations per second (TOPS), while FSD only 144 TOPS. However, it is still in the development stage.

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