The End of the Chip Crisis: Daimler’s Forecast

The End of the Chip Crisis: Daimler’s Forecast


Ola Kallenius, CEO of Germany’s Daimler, suggested that the automotive industry may continue to face semiconductor shortages in 2023.

As part of his recent interview, before the opening ceremony of the car show in Munich, Mr. Kallenius, who is the CEO of the German concern Daimler, pointed out that the shortage of semiconductor chips will be felt for quite a long time.

“Most of the chip vendors that I have personally contacted have cited structural issues of some sort,” Kallenius said. “This situation may continue into 2022, but the decline in the impact of this crisis on the entire automotive industry may become less noticeable by 2023.

Daimler recently announced that it expects a significant decline in sales from the premium brand Mercedes-Benz, in particular in the third quarter of this year. The fault is precisely the global shortage of chips. Still, Mr. Kallenius said there are hopes that his own chip shipments will increase by the end of this year.

The constant chip shortage comes at a particularly inconvenient time for Daimler, as the concern is aggressively electrifying its lineup. Only at the Munich Motor Show did the German premium car manufacturer unveil ready-to-run electric vehicles. Among them are Mercedes-Benz EQE, EQB, as well as the smart concept No. 1 and the prototype of the luxury Mercedes-Maybach EQS crossover. He also unveiled the Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept electric SUV, announcing the upcoming all-electric four-engine G-Class.

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