The end of the era: Renault Duster finally left the conveyor

The end of the era: Renault Duster finally left the conveyor


The popular crossover Duster of the first generation lasted 12 years on the assembly line. Under the Dacia brand, it began to be produced in Romania in the spring of 2010, and now the model has left the assembly line in India under the Renault brand.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to Autocar India.

In Europe, the popular Dacia Duster crossover changed generation in 2017, but the first generation model still continued to be produced in other countries. For example, in Brazil, this crossover was assembled until 2020.

The last bastion of the production of the first generation Duster was India, where the car has been produced since July 2012 at the Renault India plant in Sriperumbudur. With 40,000 crossovers sold in its first year of production, the Duster was one of Renault’s first big hits in India.

Moreover, the first-generation crossover continued to be updated even after the generation change – in 2020, the car received a redesign, a 156-horsepower 1.3-liter turbocharged engine and a CVT variator.

But this did not save him and the Indian history of the Duster also came to an end – the second generation model is not planned to be released here. And the vacated niche will be occupied by the compact SUV Renault Kiger and the Renault Triber microvan, specially designed for this country.

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