The engine in the first Golf racing for sale

The engine in the first Golf racing for sale


RM auction house Sotheby’s put up on the summer auction in German Essen, the first in the history of Volkswagen racing Golf. We are talking about the hatchback of the first generation, built for the class Group 2 in 1975.

A bright red Volkswagen Golf Mk 1 Group 2 introduced in 1975. The construction of the vehicle involved in notelle Rolf and his workshop Nothelle Motorsport. The hatchback was first homologically with the “Quartet” 1.6 issuing 164 horsepower, and later with the 1.8 motor, equipped with dual carburetors Weber 45 DCOE, contactless ignition, suspension ball joints, BBS wheels and racing brakes. In the same 1975 “Golf” took first place in the Grand Prix of Germany on the Hockenheim ring.


Nine years ago, the hatchback has fully restored the son of Rolf Nothelle, Marcus. In 2012 the “Golf” was exhibited at the exhibition Techno Classica in Essen, and now decided to sell. Along with the car the buyer will receive a spare engine and transmission and a set of original parts Group 2 class. Machine price is not reported, even approximate.

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