The engine range of the new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake

The engine range of the new Genesis G70 Shooting Brake


Bad news from South Korea: the recently unveiled Genesis G70 Shooting Brake won’t get the powerful 3.3 Twin Turbo engine.

According to thekoreancarblog, the basis of the engine range of new items will be the 2.0 Turbo engine with a capacity of 252 hp. and a diesel 2.2-liter unit with 202 hp. As you can see in the official photos, the G70 Shooting Brake bears the 2.0 Turbo badge, while all test cars came with this or the 2.2 diesel. The European division of the brand will soon publish the motor range of the new G70 and its extended version.

The Shooting Brake name refers to a body style that is deeply rooted in European automotive history and is favored by premium customers. The G70 Shooting Brake will offer more practicality and will further expand the Genesis lineup to meet customer needs.

The rear overhang of the Genesis G70 Shooting Brake is the same as that of the G70 sedan, which is usually the case with real estate wagons. Thus, the dimensions of the case are completely identical. The Shooting Brake is 4,685 mm long, 1,850 mm wide and 1,400 mm high with a 2,835 mm wheelbase. According to Genesis, the newcomer’s luggage compartment volume has increased by 40% thanks to the increased headroom, and the rear seat folds down into three positions.

Otherwise, the G70 Shooting Brake is the same G70 sedan that was completely refreshed in 2020 and has yet to arrive in Europe in either old or new form. However, the South Korean brand had previously announced that this would soon change as the station wagon prepares to enter the European market. Europeans are known to love five-door models more than sedans, so this seems like a smart move. Genesis wants to show that it takes the European market seriously. Currently, the brand even suggests that this model will only be available in Europe, although this of course could change at any time.

  • MedialexApril 4, 2021 22:51

    Although it is definitely an unfinished replica, I would be interested in contact details, anyway. Maybe this could be an interesting project.

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