The European car industry wakes up after a virus hibernation

The European car industry wakes up after a virus hibernation


On 27 April, after six months of inactivity, the European car makers are starting to resume production. But since the epidemic of coronavirus is still in progress, the factory will have specific precautions.

Today at the flagship enterprise in Wolfsburg resumes manufacturing company Volkswagen. In honor of the opening of the plant after a month of quarantine, the company’s employees struck on the wall flipped on its side the logo of the concern, which style of Pac-Man game eats COVID-19.

BMW resumes production engines, and on may 4, the company plans to begin restarting their businesses. The first full capacity a plant needs to earn in the British Goodwood. From 11 may the concern rasschityvaet bring back the lives of the enterprise in the German Dingolfing. Plants in the US and Mexico are also due to open next month.


Despite the fact that Italy is stronger than other European countries affected by the epidemic of the coronavirus, Fiat Chrysler is also planning to open their businesses in may. In addition, next month in France will start the Toyota plant in Valenciennes, and Renault in Cleon. Around the same time will release a Volvo in Sweden.

All companies will introduce new precautions. Factory workers will be required to wear protective masks and to comply with social distance. In addition to these measures, BMW has introduced new rules for Seating in the factory buses. All employees will be required to observe a distance at movement in corporate transport on the territory of enterprises.

Source: Reuters

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