The European Union is preparing to abandon gasoline and diesel cars by 2035

The European Union is preparing to abandon gasoline and diesel cars by 2035


The countries of the European Union plan to completely abandon gasoline cars in favor of electric cars. According to Bloomberg, the transition to cars with zero emissions will help fight global warming in the world. The estimated timetable for the transition to “electric” is tied to the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere caused by transport. So, by 2030, the European Union would like to reduce these emissions by 65%, by 2035 – by 100%. For the mass introduction of electric cars, the European Commission will oblige the governments of the EU countries to install charging stations every 60 kilometers on the main highways.

Note that the world’s largest automakers have recently been increasingly recalling their “green” ambitious plans. For example, the German carmaker Volkswagen has announced that it intends to end the production of ICE cars in Europe by 2035. Renault intends to make 90% of its cars environmentally friendly. American automaker Ford Motor Co. We intend to increase the share of electric vehicles in its global sales to 40% by 2030.

At the end of last week, the management of the Stellantis concern (which today includes 14 car brands) at its conference announced that by 2030 70% of European sales and more than 40% of sales in the US market will come from low-emission vehicles. And Volvo Car has set the goal of transforming itself into a manufacturer of exclusively electric vehicles by 2030, becoming a world leader in this segment.

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