The exterior of the revamped BMW X3 revealed before the premiere

The exterior of the revamped BMW X3 revealed before the premiere


Photos of the restyled BMW X3 have appeared on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Informatization of China. There are few changes – and they are all local in nature: there is a different radiator grille, headlights, lights and bumpers.

The easiest way to identify the updated BMW X3 is by the radiator grill: both of its parts have become more angular, and, in the image of the latest models, are now connected by a central bridge. The front and rear optics have changed, and on the demo the headlights and lamps have a black backing. The bumpers are decorated differently, and false air ducts appeared at the stern, duplicating the “gills” in the front fenders.

No photos of the interior yet. But it is known that in China, the X3 will continue to be equipped with only petrol “turbo four” 2.0, eight-band automatic and all-wheel drive. To date, in the Celestial Empire, they sell versions of xDrive 25i (184 forces and 290 Nm), xDrive 28i (224 forces and 310 Nm) and xDrive 30i (252 forces and 350 Nm), and the crossover costs from 389 800 yuan, which corresponds to 60 500. The BMW Brilliance joint venture in Shenyang produces cars for the local market.

Even earlier, the Spanish office of BMW revealed the face of the restyled X3: for some time a photo of the updated crossover hung on its website. According to preliminary information, in Europe the range of engines will also remain the same, but there may be changes in the equipment – for example, the advanced multimedia iDrive 8 will appear.

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