The external airbag from a ZF experienced the crash test

The external airbag from a ZF experienced the crash test

Modern vehicle technology does not stand still, and now in their first road test came external airbags. The revolutionary design belongs to the largest manufacturer and supplier of auto parts company ZF.

External side airbag that is disclosed in the time of the collision, – that is something specialists of the German company ZF. Recently a system of external security was first tested in “field conditions”. For this innovative “yerbera” equipped with the universal Opel Insignia. The scenario tests so Opel had to face a car-robot to crash tests. Such an external airbag is placed in the sill of the car. The bumpers and rear view mirrors equipped with special sensors that help to determine the right time of deployment.

By the way, right decision the system adopts lightning speed – in just 150 milliseconds! About as much time a person spends to blink.

The amount of cushion varies from 280 to 400 litres and depends on the size of specific cars. It’s five to eight times the amount of conventional driver airbags. Such an external cushion not only protects the car body upon impact, but also reduces the severity of occupant injury by 40 percent. The manufacturer will continue to test their construction. When the first production of the outer pads of the ZF information yet.