The family of Ford Mondeo is getting ready to change a generation in a rather unusual way

The family of Ford Mondeo is getting ready to change a generation in a rather unusual way


To the body special attention, but it may have something to tell us. For example, to give the first hint of the wheelbase and ground clearance.

The family of Ford Fusion (Mondeo) is preparing to replace a generation in a rather unusual way. Instead of a pair of sedan-wagon will appear SUV or station wagon terrain, a rival for models such as the Subaru Outback and Volkswagen Passat Alltrack. Will replace in 2021, and while we can see a first approach to this car: the so-called test mule carrying a new chassis and new aggregates whose outer shell is made from parts from a universal Focus.

The wheelbase of the prototype is approximately equal to 2850-2950 mm, i.e., coincides with the base of the last Mondeo/Fusion (2850) or a little more.


In Europe in 2018 was purchased 49 596 instances Mondeo and for the first half of 2019 – 20 715. But far the first generation in the late 1990s could boast sales of more than 300 000 a year. In the USA the counterpart of the Fusion case is also going downhill. In 2018, purchased 173 600 Puzanov, whereas in 2014 the owners found 306 860 copies. Apparently, the company was well calculated market changes, when in 2018 said it will gradually get rid of the sedans.

According to preliminary information, the next reincarnation of the model Fusion/Mondeo will move from platform Ford CD4 modular C2, as the latter Focus only on a stretched variation of it that allows you to put the third row seats.

It turns out that the promised summer, “raised new universal 2021”, which will replace in Europe and the Mondeo and S-Max Galaxy c at the same time is not Active Ford Focus Wagon, as it might seem. It was about the machine larger, in length and the base of the superior Focus of centimetres twenty-twenty five.

In Europe, the new Mondeo will be under the hood of turbotron 1.5 and 2.0 diesel EcoBlue, plus a hybrid version. It can be mild hybrids, EcoBoost Hybrid/EcoBlue Hybrid, as well as charging from the network variation with a setting similar to the one that works in crossover Kuga of new generation Plug-In Hybrid (aspirated 2.5 plus motor, 225 HP battery 14.4 kWh, 50 km without running the engine).

Recently the company announced the termination of production in Oakville (Canada) crossover Ford Flex, which will not continue. Now it is clear on which model preorienting his audience.


In the USA the counterpart of the Fusion can be motors and a bigger V6, for example. But it is curious that have already passing of the eponymous sedan for 2020 model year eliminated just older six-cylinder Sport version (2.7 EcoBoost V6, 329 HP, 515 Nm). Compared to other versions, it looked expensive and was not very popular. The Fusion hybrids for the United States is also quite predictable. But a fully electric version is not expected for the simple reason that the niche on November 18 will take a special new model: battery SUV in the style of the Mustang, apparently, also tailored based on a stretched cart C2.

How do you replace the Mondeo in the “Outback from Ford”?

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