The fastest car McLaren spotted on public roads

The fastest car McLaren spotted on public roads


The British automaker has started testing a new supercar on public roads.

The company McLaren started road testing of the prototype of the new model Speedtail, which should be the fastest civilian car in the history of the brand. The first pictures of the new products was published on the portal Carscoops.

For the first time the British automaker showed Speedtail in December 2018. Hypercar is positioned as the ideological receiver of the model F1, which bore the proud title of fastest production car in the world from 1993 to 2005.


Speedtail supercar features a carbon-fiber design, and the powertrain uses a hybrid setup consisting of a V8 engine with double turbine and returns 756 HP and 312-horsepower electric motor. British hypercar accelerates from zero to 300 km/h in 12.8 seconds. This figure is faster than the model McLaren P1 in 2.7 seconds and 0.3 seconds will prevoshodit Bugatti Chiron. The new product is able to reach a maximum speed of 403 km/h.

The car will be a limited edition of only 106 copies. The cost of each supercar will be about 2.3 million dollars at the current exchange rate is about 151.2 million rubles. It should be noted that despite a significant cost Speedtail all cars already sold. Customers will receive cars in 2020.

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