The fastest hypercar in the world willing to appear in public

The fastest hypercar in the world willing to appear in public

The company SSC to bring the project Tuatara to “client” stage left 8 years, but they did it. Known premiere date serial sample of the most ambitious hypercar.

Work on Tuatara began in 2011, and the approximate date of the first production coupe to the lucky bidder declared only in 2018. Manufacturer SSC North America – has kept his word and has officially stated that the keys will turn into a Grand event and will be held at the Monterey Car Week in August of this year.

SSC Tuatara why is there so much noise? The fact that the developers presented hypercar like a contender for the title of fastest production car in the world: to make room have and the Bugatti Chiron, and creations of the Swedish company Koenigsegg, and many very fast cars. Promised that the serial Tuatara will be able to “penetrate” the mark of 300 miles per hour, that is overclocked to a minimum of 480 km/h. Powerful?

Will have a hypercar and hurricane dynamics: according to preliminary data, 100 km/h and it will type for 2.5 C and 402-meter drag strip go in 9.75 seconds. It was achieved thanks to the carbon fiber body (he kept a lot of compartments in the range of 1 to 250 kg), the drag coefficient of 0,279 and, of course, the monstrous motor.

Specially designed 5.9-liter V8 develops 1 350 HP on regular gasoline and 1 750 HP on E85 bioethanol. It works in pair with special transmission – mechanical 7-speed gearbox, which has its own computer control unit and the ability to change gears in 100 milliseconds.

How much cost the long-awaited SSC Tuatara to the first owner, is still unknown. It is also not specified whether he intends to personally demonstrate the capabilities of the hypercar in the real, not digital world.

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