The fastest in the world? Video from Venom F5 tests

The fastest in the world? Video from Venom F5 tests


Hennessey has begun high-speed aerodynamic tests of the new Venom F5 hypercar. This car will try to set an absolute speed record among production models. A test drive video was posted on YouTube.

Tests were carried out on a 3.5-kilometer unused runway of the former US Air Force base in Arkansas. The recoil of the power unit on the test prototype during testing was artificially reduced to about 900 hp. But despite this, the hypercar was able to overcome the speed limit of 320 km / h.

The 1,360 kilogram carbon hypercar is powered by a 6.6-liter twin-turbo V8. The recoil is 1842 hp. and 1617 Nm of torque. The company says it is the most powerful powertrain ever in a production model, and its power-to-weight ratio “is far superior to any modern road car.”

By the way, this engine was built specifically for the Venom F5 hypercar, the unit even received its own name Fury. The maximum speed of the vehicle is expected to exceed 500 km / h. The first “hundred” car is capable of gaining less than 3 seconds.

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