“The fastest lorry in the world” does not have time…

“The fastest lorry in the world” does not have time…


In November 2017, when Elon Musk showed the prototype of his tearing the templates of the wagon, he promised that its low-volume production starts in late 2019. Last spring the company officially moved the start of production in 2020. As it turned out, extra time is not enough, and the schedule had to be revised again.

During a conference call for the financial report for the first quarter of 2020, the manufacturer said that the first customers will receive their electric trucks in 2021. In the “Tesla” said that all other plans are implemented in strict accordance with the agreed road map. So, in the second quarter will increase the production of crossover Model Y at the main plant in Fremont and the Model 3 sedan in the new factory in Shanghai. Also for the Model Y preparing facilities in Shanghai and in the newly built plant in Berlin – delivery of a crossover with these conveyors will start as promised next year.


A few days ago, Musk has promised to submit an updated plan for Tesla Semi for 2020. Earlier we heard that the company has completed winter testing of the tractor and preparing for a production site next to the first “Gigaparts” in Nevada.

The prototype Tesla Semi received four motor from Model 3. Without a trailer it develops 97 km/h in a mind-blowing machine for like 5 seconds, and even with a 36-ton load carries out this exercise for just 20 seconds. For trucks provided two batteries with a range of 482 km and 805, respectively. These modifications are 150 000 and 180 000 dollars, and Tesla has already gathered many thousands of orders from major logistic companies, manufacturers and retailers.

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