The Fastest Lotus Ever Made | Final Evolution 3-Eleven 430

The Fastest Lotus Ever Made | Final Evolution 3-Eleven 430


I got my hands on the only Final Evolution 3 Eleven 430 Lotus in the whole region! This is a super rare 1 of 20 edition Lotus. It’s a road legal car without a roof and does 0-100 in 3.2 seconds. Hope you like the vid.Much love guys, Alex xSpecial thanks to Lotus UAE.Follow me on:

look at this got well first of all you’ve got a mask because we’re still in the height of coronavirus so I’m just gonna pop this on keep safe you guys just gonna pop it here for now there aren’t any there’s no one around me right now so you can actually see what I’m saying and then look I will that might come in handy don’t leave that one in the boot look you just clip it in like this pull these back and then boom on it goes the reason for that is because it’s easier to get in and out why there are no doors on this baby look at it no roof no doors this is the fastest ever Road legal notice and this is called get ready for it there are lots of numbers here the 311 4:30 hang on special you’re like honey – would be go crazy for the Swede next week mean 311 so this here 311 they originally made 311 of these cars but this version is the 430 version and they’ve only made 20 of this version so this is a very special version it’s called final evolution so only 20 of these and I’m currently in Dubai this is the only one in the whole region it’s also the only one to be in black and gold now Lotus fans out there will know why it’s in black and gold because it refers to the f1 colours so f1 in its heyday black and gold this is a very special livery on this car this is all the Bhoots space you get with this car right here and it’s right next to the engine so this space is very hot so you don’t want to keep your cool beers or anything in there actually it’s probably not very useful at all this space but that’s all you’ve got and then right here we’re looking at what we were working with this is a 3.5 liter v6 supercharged it’s actually a Toyota engine we’re gonna have a little bit of a feel for this baby it is actually really quick 3.2 seconds 0 to 100 now you guys know I used to own a Lamborghini Huracan her name was Lucy that’s exactly the same speed 0 to 100 they’ve made it as light as possible no roof no doors that’s gonna be interesting to get into in just a second well I should see how that goes not the most elegant way to get into a car I’ve been practicing over the years though so we’ll have to see how that goes I’ve got my pants on don’t wear a skirt or a dress if you’re gonna drive this car ok so you just put these all right now if you’re familiar with the 311 that came out first the difference between that car and this one this is the 430 version is has more horsepower it’s got 430 horsepower it’s got a bigger rear wing look at this beauty we know it’s going to go fast it’s so big and it actually sits higher so that’s creating more downforce it’s also got a extended front lip as well yeah this car only weighs just over 900 kilos that may not mean much to but think about a motorbike it’s like four motorbikes that’s it the Lamborghini Huracan weighs one and a half tons this weighs just over nine hundred kilos all of this is carbon body complete carbon body look you can see it here some of this is exposed to you know carbon and then some of it’s painted over so you’ve got this beautiful line here in between you’ve got the Union Jack here in the side indicators it’s all hand made in England you’ve got ultra lightweight forged aluminium wheels and what I think is an interesting feature is this little rearview mirror poking up in the middle of nowhere before but I suppose there’s nor else you could really put it because there’s no roof on the car so you’ve got that there and you’ve got these carbon fiber bucket seats racing seats with the racing belts and it is a manual 6-speed manual so gonna try this baby out we just get in push that button down and pull this take that okay yeah see these aren’t the best choice today of shoes look at these spikes and look at this beautiful carbon body spikes come and what I eat doesn’t really go so I’m gonna not touch it in any way shape or form with my feet yes I think the more you do it the more practice you get the better you’ll get out that um that wasn’t too bad okay we’ll pop this back on it’s super super simple just line it up like this boom on it goes anywhere to go so racing seatbelts look there’s nothing protecting my face so it is actually legal to drive this way without a helmet you can just drive it as is but if you’re gonna get up any speed you’ve literally got stuff flying actually from the road so it would be safer to wear a helmet I don’t have one today I’m not I’m not gonna be able to get up with that much speed we’ve actually got to keep the mileage low because it’s super-new this car this cars for sale for just over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars so I’m going to be very careful with it this is how you get into a safety harness seatbelts and the reason it’s in here is because this car is made for the track but it is road legal which is cool there you go this C is actually optional so you can get this car with just the driver’s seat that’s it if you want to seriously strip it down and save even more weight the bucket seat for the passenger out the window doesn’t have any windows just but for me I actually quite like the second seat and I thought I’d bring along a special passenger today his name’s Fred no one else is game enough to drive with me Fred you ready to go mate Fred down Fred jump in mate that’ll brighten your day don’t be scared all right strap in safety first put your seatbelts on guys let’s start her up the cool thing about this car is look you’ve got this digital display here and it does all sorts of cool stuff so I’m just gonna pull this seat forward it is a manual so clutch in we’ve got okay this is the key pretty basic key just an open lock button and that’s it this one goes in alright and then you turn this this pops up and this engine start button over here lights up all right I can show you the display first with this little button here see there on the side look at how many different displays you can choose from not one that’s alright that’s nice simple see everything you need to race the version then you’ve got this one that’s look at all of these I’ve never seen so many and then check this one out this will confuse the hell are we gonna go back to the basics this is this is my favorite one actually just the basic simple one I like that a lot all the racing on mattify cool – alright about to solder off engine start it’s like it’s like a go-cart disguised as a car that’s basically what it is it’s like a super sophisticated go-kart super fast super lightweight and no power steering just like we go fun usually I would struggle with that so we’re gonna have to see how it goes that’s when you really need to like workout at the gym because some cars without power steering it’s just a nightmare it’s so difficult to turn so let’s see how this one is do you want to hear it yeah the nice thing about this is there’s no roof so you can really hear the engine that’s quite cool all right what else can I show you here it’s very simple here inside you’ve only got a couple of buttons these are just for the headlights you’ve got a kill switch and a hazard light and that’s pretty much it and look at this it’s like flawless stripped down I love all the carbon fiber in here it’s beautiful isn’t it everywhere you look carbon fiber love it okay let’s go it really just does feel like a super-fast go-kart you can feel everything no power steering but actually it’s really easy to turn maybe one other person is having great fun it’s brand brand-new you guys so I can’t what up too many miles on the clock this is a soup a little fun car to get around in but it’s not made for device some off I have literally got the hottest wind blowing at my face right now it’s like 40 42 degrees or something okay let’s alright it’s quick you guys 3.2 seconds 0 to 100 I think you need a helmet with this car if you’re gonna get up any speed you need something protecting your face massive thanks to Lotus let me just turn her off there’s actually kill switch here you guys look just press this got a reset it though if you want to restart the girl all right there you go thank you so much to Lotus this is actually the only 311 430 in the entire region so it is super special for me to be able to experience this so I’m massive thank you to Lotus and to you guys for watching I love you guys so much thank you so much for being part of the supercar blondie family give the video a quick thumbs up and subscribe to the fam if you haven’t yet that’s it I think we’re out I’m gonna go find some air conditioning you’re gonna bill me trying to get out you take this Fred there you go right you take good care of that all right hold on hold on to that yes okay see if it’s easier to get out then just tryna test which is the strongest bit to hold my weight I think I can see it on me it was actually easy to get Outland it will do there we go

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