The Fastest Range Rover Ever!! | Range Rover Sport SVR V8

The Fastest Range Rover Ever!! | Range Rover Sport SVR V8


With an impressive 575 horsepower under the hood, the new Range Rover Sport SVR V8 is not only the topline Range, it’s the fastest they’ve ever made. #AD

what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie i have a treat for you come with me this is the fastest range rover ever made let me show you how you can spot it around the back here this badge right here svr this is the 2020 range rover svr and when you see that you know you’re looking at a really fast car here loving these rims 22 inch wheels right here love all right we’ve got to talk about what is powering this beast it’s actually got a supercharged v8 with 575 horsepower now that’s almost double the standard range that’s kind of insane all right come with me let’s go inside i want to actually see how fast this car really is you guys ready let’s go all right i’ve taken her out to the desert so we can really test the speed 0 to 100 you guys in hang on a minute all right so are you ready they have a zero to a hundred of a minute can you hear that there are some cars behind it ah okay those were the new maserati trafeos and they just completely blew us out of the water maserati hook me up you’re next straight down this road baby let’s go

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