The fate of the Audi A8 instead of an electro – hybrid


As informs a portal Automotive News, the authorities of the German Corporation Audi decided to focus on new hybrid versions of the A8 sedan.

Rechargeable variation, “eight” current generation is already there. It has a traction battery 141 kW/h and can travel a bit over 40 miles on electric. The new hybrid version of this figure will be much higher, although exact figures experts not currently open.

Speaking of electric cars, in the current time period, the engineers of the German mark mainly working on the electric line crosses e-tron – what do you think of the Corporation, to take place in this segment at the moment is much more important than in the class of luxury sedans.


Such a change may have an impact on the fate of the electric models TT and R8, the output of which is in 2019 hinted the representatives of the automaker.

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