The Ferrari 488 Pista | Chris Harris Drives

The Ferrari 488 Pista | Chris Harris Drives


Ferrari’s latest track special is the £250,000, 720bhp 488 Pista, a turbocharged sequel to the sublime 458 Speciale. Chris Harris finds out if it lives up to its heritage. Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Walkarounds: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

I’ve arrived here Fiorano home of Ferrari and I’m I’m in a cynical mood people because I just don’t see what you do with the 720 horsepower 480 because the normal cars already got so much power it bends your face and this is a track version but who wants to go to a track in the car that’s worth two hundred fifty thousand pounds I mean if you ding a wheel or go through a gravel trap it costs a fortune so I’m wondering whether the Ferrari special edition special series mid-engine car is just getting ahead of itself does the world need a 720 horsepower for a tape for track use I don’t know and then you come to fear unknown of course you then drive the thing oh and it is on the road and you think okay I’ll part the cynicism for a minute let’s just enjoy the car because this thing it’s alive it’s up on its toes it’s responsive and it’s so fast it’s brutally fast all the while it’s managing the talk delivery of a monstrous turbocharged v8 and the speed around here I’ve just spent the weekend racing a gt3 car this feels twice as fast it’s really revving out as well that’s all peekers at 6 750 like a standard car but there’s so much less inertia as you’ll now realize from the tech parts of the video that it really does feel like its pulled up quicker it feels more normally aspirated the tire grip levels a good front-to-rear interestingly they’ve not gone for a super sticky michelin this care ated Pilot Sport cup 2 is it’s quite Street in its feel so those expect them to set stupid lap times with sticky rubber might be disappointed but you know what the balance of Road track I’m sure is the correct decision but for me this is the turbocharged engine I always wish before a day to happen I don’t really feel that it’s turbocharged except the fact that now and again it releases crazy amounts of torque at the moment of his CT off so traction managing myself but if you put it in race you just come out of a corner full beans if you’re an inexperienced driver there’s never been a Ferrari this is helpful as its and so within the space of two minutes I’ve gone from cynical grumpy pants to this is rather wonderful that does that to you though this place and these cars what’s really interesting is that the more power these manufacturers extract from these supercharged engines the more the limit of the vehicle becomes the mechanical rip the tire and what they end up with is a driving experience that’s curiously old-fashioned because you’re managing the amount of grip that you’ve got at the back of the car really as is traditional one of us turned everything off you happen to see what happens here so we get on the gas and immediately it’s it’s predictable balanced yeah steering’s just the right speed pretty mute as they are these days but just let it move out a bit here I mean it’s so much torque but even on a half throttle the car is moving around everywhere the pink is mid slide nonchalantly think of the electronics going on to manage that this brake pedal feel they’ve really gone to town on the brakes and it does feel like a racecar pedal it’s got that lovely solidity to it ultimately it doesn’t feel super grippy because you’re always overcoming the grip with the power it’s really lovely I love the way the engine revs out that inconel exhaust gives us a bit of sound it’s a big step off on a for a take a big step particularly in terms of the feel I don’t care about the raw numbers the fact that it’s faster below the gas it’s a much nicer car to drive primarily because of the step on and the engine for me it’s just got better response less inertia it feels more normally aspirated another trick is that on the overrun on a downshift the engine is producing what the engineers called greater negative torque from the best double negative lever effectively it’s adding inertia it’s trying to add drag so that when you’re going through a heavy brake with a damn shift everything is contributing to that braking performance and getting the weight towards the front of the car it’s a clever thing but would you really go and Fang it around a track day this is the frustration with these cars so many of these are going to be sitting in garages being boasted about by the owners yeah I got one of those I get the SPECIAL serious cars cuz I’m I’m a big dog I don’t care go on driving or do this whoever you may be you can’t make stuff this good to drive and then treat it as an inanimate object I think they should make that a crime in it the pista doesn’t use a tweaked GTB motor instead it runs the unit from the four I take challenge race car this means a new cooling system new intakes and exhaust and many internal changes too it also means 720 horsepower and 568 foot-pounds of torque there’s a 90 kilogram weight reduction and claimed increases in downforce at both axles carbon fiber wheels an option and the latest electronic chassis a to allow the variable locking differential to communicate with the brakes to create even better direction changes the interior is mostly four five eight which means it’s nearly ten years old now and frankly looks it the wheel doesn’t adjust quite enough and the sheer quantity of different materials and textures makes you wonder what Italian for hot parties but no matter this is a car for driving Ferrari says this is a track car but despite being optimized for circuit use we know that most pieces will spend their time meet the sing about slowly on the public highway so let’s tell you what it’s like to drive on the road I dislike it because it’s very very good first of all the engine I think anyone that’s driven a 488 GTB will know that that I think is so close to greatness but there’s something missing at the top and an urgency because it’s turbocharged and everything seems to sort of get very quickly the six and a half thousand rpm and then Plateau this one keeps going that’s for two reasons one larger internals for histor Taney in con rods and all the other lighter bits inside from the challenge engine really do make it spool up faster it feels just feels lighter all the internals you get the sense of lighter bits of metal moving around and the other bit is the way they’ve calibrated the last few rpm before the rev limiter cuts in at about 8,000 rpm whereas the full rotate had a soft limiter to just protect the engine from blowing yourself to fit this one’s more aggressive you can pretty much get all the way it doesn’t it doesn’t sort of taper a cut it just gets there and stops that really helps so there’s now more of a reason to go higher in the rev range suspension but you know what Ferraris remarkably unkind to talk about things like springs and dampers and roll bars these days so much of what it achieves appears to be through electronics the spring is a bit stiffer than the 488 the damp Ian is the same but recalibrated to work with everything else the diff is the same it’s electronic but again different calibration and the roll bars they’re the same apparently according to the engineer in charge roll bars don’t really matter these days yes you need them but they don’t really matter amazing what really makes the car stand out for me is the fact the bumpy road button absorbs really quite bumpy roads the front of the car is superb this k2 branded mentioned in Pilot Sport is amazing on the road it must be the best streets are I’ve driven that has track credentials so the front of the car is amazing you just wing the wheel as hard and fast as you want the car turns that is a big advantage over a gt2 RS because the gt2 RS just can’t quite match that on the road that sort of flick it between your wrists enjoy the Italian companies I feel and then when you open it up this thing is a sniff sniff slower than a Ferrari in a straight line nought 225 miles an hour in 7 1/2 seconds say that again seven and a half seconds whoa gearbox identical to the GT be fast with even faster the program gearshift the downshift are hilariously quick it almost feels like a pneumatic race gear change up shifts superb can’t fault any of that so what’s wrong with it the interior just looks old and rubbish to my eyes now I may be wrong and it might be subjective but there are so many different materials that looks like you’ve been to the haberdashery department at John Lewis and just grab little random materials and just thrown them at the car there’s just colors and textures and fabrics and all this is all a bit old and too familiar and yeah I don’t get it the ergonomics are a bit crazy as well driving position it’s good you sit low but I can never quite get the wheel right and this seat is meanly padded the manettino switch that looks old as well I’m ready for the next generation of Ferrari cabins frankly it’s also quite a nun device you know the steering doesn’t really give you much the brake pedal with this more firmer response it’s good but again quite dead it’s a car that you’ve ruined your way into but you have to take some leaps at times just to get there because you don’t get much reassurance from the controls and on the road if you turn the traction control off this drives and this is the really weird thing in 2018 this trials like a late 50s sports racer what we now have our performance cars where the gap between the engines potential and the tire technology it’s ever-widening meter they’re doing a fantastic job to try and keep up but they just can’t they just can’t with these huge power and torque increases and that means if you turn it off half a throttle will break traction a third sometimes maybe less he’s literally like driving a Jaguar e-type in the way I love it the car dances around and you can play with it the speeds are quite high and I’m not sure that in 2018 people want to see supercars coming out roundabouts I base on the public highway so maybe it’s a pista maybe it does just belong on the circuit because it’s so fast that’s the only place you can use it it’s entirely usable on the road the rides good it’s a bit noisy with that boomy inconel exhaust but it’s got a good high fly it’s not that much less comfortable than a GTB maybe I don’t know five ten percent who cares you could use it every day if you wanted to but to not use its performance would be such a shame and there’s one other thing this and the new gt2 RS are making me wonder whether the phrase last the normally aspirated which is so often now applied to the values of cars that are going up stratospherically because they’re the last atmospheric engines I wonder whether these are killing that feeling because this is so good this engine is so fine but I’m not sure specs giardi is suddenly gonna be worth loads of money because I think this is a step beyond and just about everything it does and it sounds good too it revs out so maybe the last one on the aspirated thing might soon be over because these turbo engines aren’t just not only so effective but somewhat fun to use food for thought

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