The Ferrari F40 took place on the streets of Monaco

The Ferrari F40 took place on the streets of Monaco


An eyewitness has removed on video as the Italian supercar Ferrari F40 suddenly appeared on the streets of Monaco. Apparently, the car owner can expect a big bill for repairs.

The cars light up. Unfortunately it happens and always it is a great surprise for the car owners and passers-by who witnessed the incident. A fire can easily cover the entire car in a matter of minutes, that leaves a very small amount of time in order to save the situation.

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Publication from ??FRENCH CARSPOTTER?? (@passion_car_rs)18 Feb 2020 6:44 PST

The trip is a one owner Ferrari F40 through Monaco ended in tragedy when iconic red Italian supercar caught fire.

Fortunately, it seems that no one was hurt in this incident. Video posted on the page of the witness in the Instagram shows the driver who in desperation, runs around the car. Flames visible underneath the car. Over time, it becomes clear that it is also pulled and the engine compartment behind the passenger compartment when the air rises black smoke.


The video is quite short, it ends long before the arrival of fire protection, so it is unclear what harm was caused this contract to Ferrari. However, judging by the fire at the bottom of the car and the amount of smoke and fire coming from the engine compartment of a Ferrari, you can be sure that the bills are very large.

The photos published in the Facebook, shows the same Ferrari. The flame underneath seems to have disappeared, although the fire back is much more visible as thick black smoke belching from under the car. In addition, it seems that the passenger door also the flame, which can completely destroy the car.

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