The Ferrari Superfast 812 got an open version

The Ferrari Superfast 812 got an open version


After a long break in Maranello still built a magnificent Roadster with a 12 cylinder motor.

More recently, the company Ferrari unveiled the open modification of coupe F8 Tributo, and it was the time to expect with the debut of another significant new Italians will tolerate at least a week. There it was. 812 Superfast coupe turned into a spider now.


Known as the new GTS will be 812, which is to be expected stands for Gran Turismo Spider. The Roadster is equipped with a atmospheric 12-cylinder engine capacity of 6.5 liters, with output of 800 HP and 718 Nm of torque, allowing the new Ferrari is considered to be more powerful than a number of competitors. It is already known that the acceleration to 100 km/CH the novelty is less than 3 seconds, reaching 200 km/h will last for 8.3 s (0.4 s longer than in the case of the coupe) and top speed of the Roadster is 340 km/h.

Maximum thrust is achieved at around 7,000 rpm, but 80% of torque available from 3 500 rpm.

As in the case of F8 Ferrari Spider, presented on the eve of the folding hard top takes only 14 812 GTS seconds, and this can be done at speeds up to 45 km/h. the appearance of the folding mechanism has increased the weight of the supercar is 75 kg, however, Ferrari claim that kept driving habits novelties due to re-calibration of the magnetorheological shock absorbers in the suspension.

Rumor has it that the greatest challenge designers in creating the spider was not the preservation of aerodynamics compartment, and the passenger comfort at high speed with an open top. With aerodynamic problem the Italians coped by reforming the back of the body (there also is implanted and the mechanism of folding the top cover, which the Italians call “montepagano”), and for acoustic comfort in the cabin – glass “the vindstopper aren” electric. Safety glass rises when needed and, as stated by the manufacturer, allows you to more fully enjoy the wonderful voice of a 12-cylinder motor is able to spin to 8,900 rpm.


Needless to say, the novelty has retained all the complex driving electronics, which is applied to the related compartment. The date of release the most powerful Roadster of Ferrari at the moment, not yet reported. At the same time, it is necessary to remind that in fact Ferrari 812 GTS became the first Roadster from Maranello V12 with over the past half century – since 1969, when there were 356 GTS4, aka the Daytona Spider. Of course, in the scheme of the company had a similar model, but the mass status they had since produced a very limited edition.

Had to choose a Ferrari F8 which version will take?

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