Thanks to Joe Macari, I’m getting to test the fighter jet inspired 1 out of 15 Lamborghini Reventon Roadster in London!Link to DeLoreon, Full YouTube coming soon:Follow me on:

what’s up guys supercar blondie here we’re gonna take a look at this super exclusive Reventon roads are here in london and you may think if you look at it from the front right what does it remind you of an Aventador we’ll get into that later on but basically this is a special Murcielago when it first came out it’s like all of the mechanics and the components are based on the Murcielago but then they’ve completely redesigned the body and thisis the results at first there was a remington that came out it was the coupe a version 20 pieces and they’re all sold out before the car was even officially released so there was a massive massive demand for these so that was in oh seven 2007 those coupe a versions came out and then after that Lamborghini decided to come out with the Roadster version so they’re only 15 of these in the world and one of them is right here if we just have a look around here like this gray this is called the special web inton gray so all of these cars came off the production line in this gray this thing is modeled or inspired by the fighter jets f-22 Raptor you can explain all over up to jetties because apparently you play with it on you user in my video games and stuff what it’s it’s it’s a jet I know it’s hard and real fighter jet yeah ok I think you spiny u.s. army or whatever this whole color scheme and these edges and everything is basically stealth mode rapturous right yeah so you can go undetected at top speed of 330 kilometres an hour so this is a v12 this has around 660 horsepower now can we talk about the price yeah so when these car first came out it was between like 1.3 to 1.5 6 million dollars now in 2007 when this was sold in 2007 it was the most expensive Lamborghini to date yeah around 1.3 to 1.5 million dollars that was like $900,000 more than the standard Murcielago was these brake lights and the indicator lights are actually heat resistant because of the heat coming from the engine has closed the engine is to the to the taillights actually had to make them specially heat resistant which is climate easing release future lights Wow he’s future lights yeah if you got a Reventon basically this is what you got there was no personalization customization it was always this color scheme on the outside and the inside they say like 30 forward reminiscing a cordis thing nice now this is what everyone talks about this – so apparently you can put it in well like a road mode and then you can actually put it in like jet mode ready yeah I’m gonna press this button here jet fighter mode that’s worth half a million quid at least look there’s the button that you press to change it remote mode look these little things come up like wings that’s cool it’s not so from neutral you’ve got the wieners coming up yeah that’s cool boneheads jet fighter wing when you bought this car I was around 1.3 to 1.5 mil right we’ve established that now there are only 35 of these cars in the world so you would think over time where 10 years later this car should be worth way more than that but it’s not it’s still worth around the same amount so this one is actually on sale here at Roma car is for around 1.3 million dollars so pretty much the same price that they came out with when it was first for sale so why is that if you look at the revin and at the front of the car it looks very very similar to the car next to it the Aventador so when this comes out looking very similar to this so this has got higher performance better capabilities better technology and it’s cheaper than this and it looks even more aggressive and that maybe that’s why this kind of not lost some value but didn’t appreciate as much as probably the the the owners wanted it to they would have thought this is a collectible but now you’ve got this in the running of any better water that is TSV this is the estimate okay you ready we’re gonna blow these people away – just mad you clearly never flew an f-22 Raptor plane clearly not let’s try that again how many blonde girls come here before and just take the relative alpha as with none all right and wrote it right all right just spots up me this reminds me forgive us in the old Vantage I know as you drive a tagine we’re just gone for a spin in the Reventon at first when you are slowly you have to go one-mississippi two-mississippi until it changes gears okay it doesn’t take that long but it’s a little bit up I like until you know it switches into the second gear there’s no drive mode I don’t think which is interesting so with newer supercars you can flick it into drive mode and then it all just automatically change gears but I think what I can tell I can’t see any drive mode so I can only what happens then is you just or it’s always in manual with pedal shifts so you have to use the Dino shifting to go up and down together then once you start going fast it’s a completely different story this car is amazing and you can put it into Corsa mode which is here and the gear shift responds much quicker so shift up and you hardly notice it shifting all right safely back with the Reventon someone yelled out as we were driving home take your rental back pretty sure you can’t rent this really really enjoy driving that and I’m kind of getting into the older models of Lamborghinis because today’s models are pretty easy to drive actually with the hurricane you just get in turn it on and go with something like this it just makes it more of an experience to drive so that is my that’s my day with the Lamborghini Reventon roads so thank you so much to Jo Macari for welcoming us into your showroom and just you know letting us see what you have over here look quite makes the SVM like how do you doing here apparently this Audi is quite a cool Aldi it was built in 95 and it’s actually a mix of Porsche and Audi combined it’s actually got Porsche seats and it’s not a cheap Aldi 95 model and it’s going for about 50,000 all right so they’re just inserted portion seats there on the front will show you something here look so in a Porsche right you’d have to move the seat forward so someone else can get in the back right so they’ve literally just inserted these seats in the front but you wouldn’t need them in this car because you’ve got back doors if we go around the back you can actually see there’s Aldi and Porsche together there’s a DeLorean if you haven’t seen my vlog on the DeLorean yet make sure to go and check it out been driving that around England as well that’s it guys thank you so so much for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s vlog about the Reventon I’ve absolutely loved driving it please like my video and subscribe to my channel because I’ve got so many cool cars coming thank you so so much for watching I really appreciate your support love you guys

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