The Final 7 Cars | Performance Car of the Year 2017

The Final 7 Cars | Performance Car of the Year 2017


Chris Harris whittles down 13 of the finest performance cars of the year into the final 7 contenders, to then take on a road trip to Scotland. Which ones would you have chosen? Subscribe: Speed Week 2017 is here. ’s performance car of the year contest takes place in Scotland, at the roller-coaster Knockhill circuit and on utterly stunning highland roads. Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: The headline acts are the Ford GT, Lamborghini Huracán Performante and McLaren 720S. But that would be forgetting to mention a new Porsche 911 GT3, or its burliest rival yet, the Mercedes-AMG GT R. Then there’s the Volkswagen Up GTI, the most attainable GTI in a very long time. The Honda Civic Type R, quite possibly the most talented front-wheel-drive car ever. The first all-weather Mercedes E63. The hardcore BMW M4 CS. The slashily styled Lexus LC500. One of the most powerful roadsters on sale, the 602bhp Audi R8 Plus Spyder.Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips.

bockris yeah i’m we’ve driven all 13 cars you’ve driven all 13 cars I have we’ve got whittled them down we’ve got pick seven to take on a road trip around Scotland so we’ve got Lucy without me without you yeah you come at your on okay actually I’ve got could be vicious here couldn’t I help you choose the right now I wouldn’t what a bunch of cars though they’re fantastic I think I’ve ever seen such quality in one place yeah so this is the agony of choice and there are some worthy cars that won’t make it through yes this is this is accepted I’m gonna count by the way cuz you’re probably gonna name nine I can’t count anyway so that’s fine okay first of all this thing has to come yeah okay cuz it’s spectacularly clever and its chassis is developed to work on the track on the street and when you take the damper out and it just sits you know pretty much rigidly mounted on the circuit I don’t know how it’s so supple it still feels like it’s softly sprung and damped but it’s kind of proving up the ass for it so like wheels inside the arches there is no clearance there’s a load of snake all going on it but it has to come put four monthly the best Lamborghini I’ve driven in a long long time I mean it’s utterly tasteless and the finish on the carpet is foul and it’s got it’s it’s got so many it’s got so many little sort of touches that I think are horrid in terms of its its sort of design and styling I think it’s overall fast I’m what you like but the driving experience what an engine the McLaren 720’s I think anyone here just driven them admits that that is yeah your test is Road and track and I think that II 63 the new on with this detachable forward dodges that can go forward to to is the next big step in enlarged performance cars you’ve got a hood a good button to be a Wally when you want to but then you can leave it in for were driving have an rs6 rival but most best of all the forward racism isn’t like Audi ‘s it’s more like a GTR isn’t it I think that AMG was a better car here the GTR was a better guy here today than the gt3 I didn’t expect our Jesus real come good it’ll just be the number so I par yet for me automatically through what a surprise it just kicks the Focus RS into dust for me it’s just more fun more adjustable on it’s hot hat I mean it looks ludicrous but we can we can overlook that there’s a little car here and it’s called the up GTI it’s fun and we had to take everything off systems wise to make it fun on the circuit but there’s some fairly silly shortly going sideways and it represents affordable fun and it’s Alexis well I love the way it looks it does sound good and it’s a really interesting car I’d love it to be my daily driver but it sort of fits in like the Golf GTI does if this was a more ordinary consumer taste I think it would fly through so m4 CS is a no for me I don’t I don’t see the point in the in the price it’s not really a circuit car it’s not really a street car I just have a normal entry so forget that one the r8 v10 plus-minus whatever don’t maybe get that it’s a it’s a fantastic driving car and you don’t really notice the lack of a roof the Golf GTI golf GTI’s traditionally do really badly in these sorts of tests and that one doesn’t alter that trend because it’s just the car that you’d actually go and buy with your own money let’s be honest the rs3 I think with mega I’m really surprised that the fact that you can wing it in and it’ll slide around the engine and gearbox are fantastic but again it’s got a price issue and I wish it to have back I think that looks a bit Hrunting as a saloon car what a fantastic group of cars you’re gonna have a wry laugh watch out for a flick yes we will I think we may have got confidence having I know you’ve you’ve purged yourself of the need to go really fast you’ve done it on the circuit which is the safe way and now you can go and enjoy it 40 miles an hour and a 42 with some fantastic scenery oh yeah enjoy sorry you’re not there with us I’m sorry do you like this in yeah that was well

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