The final teaser of Mercedes-AMG SL before the premiere

The final teaser of Mercedes-AMG SL before the premiere


Mercedes-Benz SL is dead. Long live the AMG SL! Designed to replace the AMG GT Convertible, the two-door roadster will debut tomorrow at 17:00 Kyiv time.

The camouflage has disappeared, but you can only see the front and stern. The design has become more aggressive, in line with the latest Mercedes products. The new AMG 2 + 2 Roadster will have a fabric roof – much more practical than the hard removable tops, which both weigh more and take up more trunk space.

The stage is set. Inspired by our past, we innovate for our future. Stay tuned for a new star-studded era of SL. 28.10. at 4pm CEST

Published by Mercedes-AMG Wednesday 27 October 2021

Judging by the spy shots, the two-door will receive a Panamericana radiator grill and an exhaust system with four nozzles. The AMG SL has nothing to do with the previous model and GT roadster. Firstly, it is equipped with all-wheel drive for the first time, and secondly, the developer claims that the car is designed in accordance with its own safety requirements, which are much stricter than those provided by law.

The body weight is only 270 kilograms excluding the hood, trunk lid and doors. At the same time, it is significantly stiffer, and the center of gravity is located lower for better handling. The novelty is expected to be offered with a 4.0-liter V8 with twin turbocharging, which will later be joined by a plug-in hybrid: our spies recently spotted another prototype in tests with a charging port in the same place as the AMG GT 63 SE Performance petrol-electric hatchback. p>

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