The fire in California destroyed the unique Roadster 1948

The fire in California destroyed the unique Roadster 1948

In “the Fire of Wolsey” (Woolsey Fire), started a few days ago near Los Angeles, in Ventura County, burned completely collection Gary red. Among the destroyed vehicles was a unique exhibit – existed in a single copy Roadster 1948 Norman Timbs Special, also known as the Buick Streamliner.

The car was created by Norman Timpson, a mechanical engineer from Los Angeles who helped to build the legendary Tucker 48 (Torpedo). The inspiration for the Roadster became the German racing streamlined cars 30-ies. The car was built on a custom tubular chassis with all-aluminum body and suspension parts from Ford. To keep swiftness, Timbs refused from the door, and the passenger compartment is maximally pushed forward.

“Streamliner” there were a lot of parts from Mercury. The engine, fuel tank and spare wheel under the rear part of the body that was raised with hydrophore.

Norman Timbs Special was equipped with row “eight” Buick (Fireball 8), which could accelerate a car weighing a ton to 193 kilometers per hour. The construction of the car cost Timbs 10 thousand dollars, which in today’s money would have amounted to about 105 thousand dollars.

Prior to 2000, the car was considered lost forever until it was found in the junkyard in the California desert. The body of the Roadster remained at 90 percent. Two years later the car was sold at auction for 17 $ 600. The buyer was Gary red.

Restored Streamliner made its debut at the Competition of elegance at Amelia island in 2010. There’s Roadster won the award of the auction house Sotheby’s as the “Best open car” exhibition.

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Returned to my house in Malibu after evacuating. Heartbreaking time across California. Inspired as ever by the courage, spirit and sacrifice of firefighters. Thank you @LosAngelesFireDepartment. If you can, support these brave men and women at Link in bio.

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