The first batch of extended Bentley Bentayga assembled

The first batch of extended Bentley Bentayga assembled


At the Bentley plant in Crewe, production of the Bentayga EWB with an extended wheelbase and high-tech Airline Seat seats has started.

Bentayga EWB (Extended Wheelbase) has an extended wheelbase of 18 centimeters, for which it was necessary to change the floor, side panels, doors and roof. The increase in length will be felt by second-row passengers, for whom Airline Seat has prepared the “most advanced seats”. They are equipped with 12 electric motors and three electronic control units for pneumatic valves, and are adjustable in 22 directions – from the headrests and side rollers to the edge of the pillow. In addition, the Airline Seat is equipped with automatic climate control and an advanced body position adjustment system.

Externally, the elongated Bentayga EWB differs from the usual radiator grille with vertical slats and 22-inch wheels with a polished surface. Under the hood is a 4.0 – liter V8 that produces 550 hp of power. From a standstill to 100 km/h, the extended crossover accelerates in 4.6 seconds (only 0.1 seconds slower than the standard version), and the top speed is 290 km/h.

According to Bentley’s top manager Peter Bosch, each built copy of the Bentayga EWB “is a handmade work of art.” So, the assembly of one such crossover requires 132 hours of manual work, including 10 hours for processing wood for decorative inserts in the cabin.

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