The first electric BMW: when to wait?

The first electric BMW: when to wait?


The company reported on the preparations for the start of production of elektrovagonniy iX3. To collect for all of the markets in which it is planned to sell an electric car, will be in China – joint venture of BMW and Brilliance. Full-scale production will begin in late summer, but the prototypes of the crossover is here, collected from the middle of last year, and with the conveyor descended more than two hundred copies.

“X-third” the family as the first model for which BMW will offer the full range of powertrains – petrol, diesel, hybrid and all-electric modification. He iX3 yet been fully declassified, but the manufacturer officially announced that it will supply the SUV powertrain eDrive fifth generation – it is lighter and more compact than its predecessors. A new battery will provide the crossover a cruising range of up to 440 km.


Meanwhile, earlier it was reported that a modification of the basic iX3 will get one electric motor on the rear axle, which develops 286 HP and 400 Nm of torque. Perhaps in 2021, the year BMW will release a more powerful twin-engine modification, but by the time of the sale iX3 with one motor starts withdraw the electric car on the market is planned before the end of the year.

List of regions in which appears the SUV, not yet published, but with high probability will include China and Europe.

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