The first electric car Skoda has set a sales record

The first electric car Skoda has set a sales record


The first electric car Skoda Citigo e iV – set a record sales on the home market. In the first month since the start of the he took first place in the ranking of the most popular “green” cars in the Czech Republic.

In January 2020, the Czechs bought 619 electrified cars, which is about six times more than a year ago. Due to this the market share of “trains” has increased from 1 to 3.2%. However, about 62% of cars sold from this goal are solely electric vehicles.


Such a jump in statistics is strongly influenced by the electric Skoda Citigo e iV, which recently entered the market. In January, the car has sold 254 units by the Way, the second place is also in the new Skoda plug-in hybrid version of the flagship brand – Superb PHEV (174 entries). The next two places were occupied with models Hyundai Ioniq (63) and Kona (14), followed by the Tesla Model 3 with 10 units sold. Finally, the 6-th place between a share of the BMW i3, the BMW X5 PHEV , Renault Zoe, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and VW Passat GTE, on account of they have 7 copies.

To date, the Skoda Citigo e iV is one of the most affordable EVS on the market: in the Czech Republic, the cost is from 18.9 thousand euros. For the money a model of the class of city car, which is equipped with a 83-horsepower electric motor and battery with a capacity of 36.8 kWh. On a single charge electric Skoda drives up to 265 miles on the WLTP cycle.

Whether Citigo e iV to cause a stir in our market?

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